Davao City has a lot to offer to both locals and foreigners alike.  There are a lot to see and experience depending on your personal taste and preferences.  If you like Food Tripping, then there are a lot of Davao Restaurants you can choose, from fine-dining  and specialty restaurants to “turo-toru” (point-pont) carenderias and barbecue stands, you have it.

If you wanna go shopping, then you can go to different malls in the Davao City .  If you are the adventurer type and loves camping, you can climb up the majestic Mt. Apo, towering 10311 feet above sea level and enjoy the horizon, overlooking Davao Gulf and neighboring places in Davao .  You can also choose to visit agro-industrial tours when you are in Davao City. You may also opt to explore the beautiful beach resorts in a nearby Samal Island.

Places to Visit and What to Do in Davao City

Eden Nature Park– is a man-made mountain resort located in Toril, Davao City.  If you want to get away with the hustle bustle of city life and take some time to be one with nature,  Eden Nature park is perfect for you.  You can relax, chill out, enjoy and rejuvenate yourself  and have a magnificent view of the whole city of Davao.

Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos Garden , Calinan -going northwest of Davao, a 30 minute ride going to Calinan is the Malagos Garden –   a sanctuary of the famous  monkey-eating Philippine eagle.  You can also  see other bird species, wild deer, tarsier and a python.  En route to the sanctuary, you can have a brief stop at Sul Orchids, a 2-hectare (5 acre) orchid farm where a variety of Waling-waling and crossbreeds are grown to perfection.

Jacks- Ridge – provides beautiful vista of Davao City especially during the night.  Located in Shrine hills, Davao City, the place offers gastronomic satisfaction because they serve delectable foods.  However, do not go to Jack’s Ridge during occasions like Valentine’s day because the place gets really crowded and you might end up backing out with an empty stomach.

Crocodile Farm – meet and greet Pangil, the biggest crocodile at the resort and the many small ones in their respective ponds. Witness how they are being feed or you can feed them yourself for a minimal fee. Smile and pose for the camera with that big python on your shoulders. You can also see tigers, monkeys, ostrich, birds of different species, and many animals not endemic in the Philippines.  You can also visit the nearby Butterfly House and learn how they metamorphosed from pupa to a lovely butterfly.

Water Rafting in Davao River – experience the adrenaline rush as you go white water rafting in Davao River.  Conquer your fear and learn how to go about the rapids as you enjoy downstream and have a memorable water adventure.

Scuba Diving – Samal island is a home to a rich marine resources and coral reefs that will delight divers. Don’t know how to swim or dive? Never mind, you can still go diving. Dive operators provide lessons and you can experience diving for somebody will accompany you underwater.

Beach Resorts in Samal – if you love beaches, go to Samal Island.  Samal Island is just a few minutes boat ride from Sasa, Davao City. The island has many resorts and some of the popular ones are Paradise  Island Beach Resort and the world-class Pear Farm Beach Resort.

Davao Museum – To have a glimpse of Davao’s past, you can visit Davao Museum.  It is located inside Insular Village and it has a lot of artifacts used by people of Davao in olden times.

Mt. Apo Trekking – if you want adventure and if you’re physically capable, you can climb up Mt. Apo and conquer the highest mountain in the Philippines.  It is a favorite destination for mountaineers because of the beauty it affords when you conquer the summit.

GAP Farm– it is a mountain resort located in Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City.  It has a huge swimming pool, has a number of cottages and has a lot of fruit trees like durian, marang, rambutan and lanzones.  If you’re wondering how the tree of the stinky durian fruit look like, go   to GAP farm.  However, it is not as well-maintained as it used to be.