Davao City, being the center of commerce and trade in  Southern Mindanao is a home to a number of malls, department stores and shopping centers where both  locals and foreigners go.  With the rapid development and progress of Davao City, new malls are being constructed adding to the wide array of choices to the  delight of shopaholics and those looking for souvenir items.

Most people prefer going to malls because it is a one-stop shop where they can go shopping for clothes, bags, shoes and other items they want.  Malls also house a lot of  restaurants and food chains so if ever you get hungry in the middle of your shopping spree, you can always go to your favorite restaurant and eat your heart out with your favorite foods.  You can also go for a leisure trip like watching movies in their cinemas, playing in their Arcade or just simply window shopping enjoying the ambiance of air-conditioned indoors on a hot mid-day.

There are also specialty stores outside malls or if you are conscious with your budget and want to buy things in bulk, you can go to Chinese stores that are wholesalers so you get huge discount on items you buy.

Here’s where you can go shopping in Davao City, Philippines

Abreeza Mall – the newest mall located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City.  It is an Ayala-Anflocor owned mall and it houses a lot of high-end restaurants and botiques.  If you want branded items, go to Abreeza mall.

SM Davao Mall-located at Quimp Boulevard, Davao City, it is one of the many malls owned by business tycoon Henry Sy.  It is one of the best malls in Davao City and they have a lot of boutiques as well.

Gaisano Mall of Davao.  situated at J.P.Laurel Avenue, Davao City.  It is one of the big malls in Davao City where you can shop, eat, watch movies and do a lot of other things.

Gaisano South Mall – located at Ilustre Street.  I prefer going to this mall when buying dresses or clothes because it is not as crowded compared to other malls.

Victoria Plaza mall-the first big mall in Davao City.  It is now a mall with many bazaars.  I like their department store because it’s huge.

If you want to buy things in bulk at a lesser cost, there are wholesalers in Davao’s China town.  They sell goods in bulk or wholesale as well as retail.  You just have to go to R. Magsaysay St., Monteverde St., and its neighboring streets and you’ll find a lot of Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese traders.

If you want souvenir items, you can go to Aldevinco Shopping Center, just in front of Marco Polo Hotel, Davao.